My Mission

To help students reach their fullest potential, improve their self-confidence, and have fun doing it. I call it "learning to learn."

There Are Needs

These days, it is a challenge for any student to excel in every subject in school. There are many distractions that can make it difficult for them to focus on developing the skills that will produce good grades. As a qualified teacher, I understand this situation. I provide support and specialized tutoring as a valuable supplement to classroom teaching. Home schooled students can also benefit greatly from planned tutoring sessions.


After my retirement from a full-time teaching career, I decided to combine my experience in the classroom with my passion to help students do better. Being a parent myself, I also know that a solid education is a key ingredient for the future success of a young person going out on their own to face the world.

Colleen Moore

My teaching career began after I graduated from UBC with a Bachelor of Education degree. I raised a family in 100 Mile House, and spent 25 years teaching in the classroom.

Tutoring Subjects/Specialties

  • Reading - Improve fluency and comprehension
  • Writing - Learn to do it creatively
  • Arithmetic - Sharpen the skills

What I Offer

  • Tutoring programs tailored to each student's needs
  • Close attention and coaching to enhance each student's learning style

At Your Convenience

I conduct tutoring sessions on a pre-arranged basis, including weekdays, weekends, and summer holidays.